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New and In Need of Help! [01 Jan 2010|09:52pm]
Hi everyone.

My name is Laura, I'm new and really need your help and advice!
Our school in Australia is doing Les Mis, and have been asked to rehearse a song from the show for an audition piece. I don't Les Mis amazingly, so I researched, watched, listened and realised how much i love Madame Thenardier!

So this is the advice I'm asking for..
What song do I audition? i'm confused. haha.

Thankyou heaps.. Hope your new year is going great.

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Now look whos here.. [05 Aug 2008|06:27pm]

[ mood | happy ]

eloo all, im glad i came across this community Thenardiers are the best ever!
NAME: Lucy
FAV.CHARCTER AND WHY: Madame Thenardier, shes just so out there and doesnt care what people think, i love the relationship she has with her husband although she loves him deep down she treats him just like a piece of crap its like she means what she says about him but in a loving way that and without the Thenardiers Les Mis would be rather dark
FAV. SONG AND WHY: Beggers at the Feast, to me its a great exit for the Thenardiers where as the rest of the main characters have the finale which is deep the Thenardiers have this really big finish, love it
WHAT GOT YOU INTERESTED IN LES MIS: Well a few years ago my theatre company announced they we're putting on the School Edition so i started doing my research on it and i got myself really attacted to it, the book, the songs and i got really into the character of the Madame T unfortunatly i didnt get the role ( i came so close tho) i got the Old Women instead which is simular singing wise but i found another company who were auditioning i went for it and got Madame T ( i have an amazing Thenardier aswell!) ! we dont perform it till October but rehersals are going well we're on a break for 3 weeks atm which is hell! 
ANYTHING ELSE: cant say i liked the movie, it really dragged the name down..
PICTURE( only if you want to): hmm..maybe when i find a good one lol

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Les Miserables audition tonight... [01 Aug 2005|06:27pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

ok well the night as arrived for my les miserables audition. i found the best song ever "don't cry for me argentina". i think that everything will go well *knocks on wood*. though i don't think i have a shot in hell for madam thenardier or even getting in for that matter. oh well. you never know.?


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Hello [22 Jul 2005|12:10pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, well I just stumbled across this community and was overjoyed to find it so... this is me!
NAME: Rose
FAV.CHARCTER AND WHY: Eponine, I'm not sure. I've always been drawn to her, maybe it's her whole situtation that I can relate to, obviously not poverty but her unrequited love for Marius, the way her father attempts to use her to pursue his own goals. Maybe I just love her out of pity.
FAV. SONG AND WHY: On My Own, It's classic! I adore it and it's Eponine's song.
WHAT GOT YOU INTERESTED IN LES MIS: My sister used to work for AT&T so she'd get free tickets to plays and such. Well this was one of those plays, unfortunately I didn't get to go with her but she brought me home a program and I fell in love with the story.
ANYTHING ELSE: Words cannot describe how much the movie disapointed me, I love Uma Thurman and all... I suppose it was a good movie but it lacked all the great songs I love about the musical and my favorite caracter, Eponine.
PICTURE( only if you want to): A picture of me? *digs around in pockets searching* Oh... here ya go!

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help! [19 Jul 2005|07:11pm]

'ello all I'm in dyer need of your help!

I'm going to be auditioning for Les Miserables in about 2 weeks maybe a little less and I have no idea what I'm going to sing!! I always use 'On My Own' or ' I Dreamed a Dream' but duh * hits forehead* you can't sing a song from the play your auditioning for so I'm in great need of help!!!

I'm sure I can find a decent monologue in time but I'm really stuck on the song. I'm going for the part of who else but Madam Thenardier and franky I have no idea what to sing in order to get across that I'm good for the part. *sigh*

You can just throw out ideas at this point I'm desperate!

*composes self*

right well yeah... *sees that everyone is staring*


*runs off stage*

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[17 Jul 2005|08:02pm]

NAME: Just call me Patron-Minette. ;)

FAV.CHARCTER AND WHY: Hmm. Hard to say, actually. I (of course) adore Thénardier, especially his original form in Hugo's book, but I also love Patron-Minette, the crime ring with which Thénardier was associated. Though in the musical they seem to be his goons.... Ah well.

Why do I like Thénardier? He's simply a fascinating character. Probably the most interesting one in the book. I mean, he's completely amoral and obsessed with getting rich. I like rereading Victor Hugo's description of him. This quote defines him rather well:

"In a calm and even situation, Thenardier possessed all that is required to make--we will not say to be--what people have agreed to call an honest trader, a good bourgeois. At the same time certain circumstances being given, certain shocks arriving to bring his under-nature to the surface, he had all the requisites for a blackguard. He was a shopkeeper in whom there was some taint of the monster."

I like his musical counterpart, as well. I'd say he and Javert have the best music....

FAV. SONG AND WHY: Again, hard to choose. I'm torn between "Waltz of Treachery" and "Dog Eats Dog." If the former is performed correctly, it can portray Thénardier's double-sided nature excellently. And I like the latter because of Thénardier's attitude. XD

WHAT GOT YOU INTERESTED IN LES MIS: Being part of it. I played Onlooker #2/Guest at Thénardier's tavern/Babet/Dead National Guard. So I actually got to be onstage with the Thénardier in a few of his scenes ("Master of the House", "The Robbery", "Attack on Rue Plumet", "Dog Eats Dog"). The Thénardier, by the way, was fantastic. The experience of performing was wonderful, and afterward I bought the book, the 10th anniversary cast recording (known as the TAC), the original Broadway cast recording (OBC), and the complete symphonic recording (CSR).... And that was only the beginning.

ANYTHING ELSE: I also write fanfiction, and have written a piece about Thénardier. I'll put up the link or something one day soon....

Glad someone created a Thénardier community! I'm surprised I didn't make one. XD Wonder if I should make a Patron-Minette community....

PICTURE( only if you want to): Er... no. Sorry. XD
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Welcome M'sieur... [08 Jul 2005|12:20am]

[ mood | Sign up! It's worth it ]


This the first community i've ever joined. So this is nice. Well I'll get that list thing over and done with:

NAME: Jimi Mitchell
FAV.CHARCTER AND WHY: Thénardier, because i only wish i had his confidence
FAV. SONG AND WHY: Dog Eats Dog, because it's just so irresistabley eeire and gives out his character so well! And plus you get to carry Marius on your shoulders.
WHAT GOT YOU INTERESTED IN LES MIS: Watched 10th anniversary edition on TV and was hooked!
ANYTHING ELSE: When I was playing him, I sleeped, breathed and lived Thénardier - did wonders for the income!
PICTURE( only if you want to): Just check out my display...

Right! Well, as i said recently (as in just there) i got to play Théndardier in a school production of Les Miz. Ever since i saw him on the 10th anniversary edition, I knew i had to be him...and for all those years i worked so hard, just in case the opportunity arose. And it did! It was scary to think that one of my life's ambitions was fulfilled at the age of 16. The show went amazingly, we couldn't have asked for anything more, standing ovations on the first night and by the end we could hardly get them sitting down! Unfortunately the wardrobe (one of my favourite parts of him) wasn't identical so I never got to wear THE jacket, but makeup was good and did him proud in the wedding! Now that we've stopped, I feel like an entire part of me has been ripped out - but still daily I can be found singing something from Les Miz.

Next stop - Javert!......or maybe I'll just go for Thénardier again!

Les Miz has to be my favourite musical (next to rent) and I take pride in knowing it off by heart (almost...wait till I get the symphonic recording and that amazing opening to Master of the House!). I know it's sad/geeky/both, but hey, you gotta have a hobby!

I hope we get more people in this community. He deserves it!

And I love the background btw!

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'ello all [03 Jul 2005|10:59am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

'ello and welcome to Thenardierwaltz.

please feel free once you've joined to post at will on anything realted to Les Miserables.

I hope to get this community up and running smoothly so if there are any gliches please feel free to let me know. :)

now on with the posting!!!



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